About Us

We use our insight and creativity to inspire change

We create a future designed to respond to our customers’ needs. We conceptualize, propose and deliver alpha driving technology, primarily conceived for financial professionals. The partnership we establish with our customers serves as a basis for constant growth with them, for them.

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Our vision

Our vision guides every aspect of our business

We accomplish our strategy through a continuous search for quality and sustainable growth. The Company’s pursuit of constant development and excellence is combined with a strong commitment to open innovation.

Our mission

The core value of technology is there to serve human dreams.

We are pursuing a customer centric approach. This mission allows us to understand and anticipate our customers’ needs. Together, our efforts can reach a higher level of sustained customer satisfaction that will lead to success.

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Our company

goldenTech is a Swiss-based company founded in Geneva in July 2011 by Guy Girod and Michel Roch.

Our company specializes in the development and distribution of innovative technology products and services.

We create and manufacture technologies to enable our customers today and tomorrow, to address their business challenges faster, further and more safely.

We will continue to build our future inspired by our constant desire to create ever-increasing value to our customers, shareholders and people”.


Guy Girod

is a Swiss citizen. He graduated from the University of Geneva in “Management in Public Administration” and is a prominent member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) in London. He specializes in project management, especially in assisting the project manager un development of specifications, monitoring, and especially the acceptance procedure of the various stages of projects, mainly in real estate. He is a board member of ARIF, a self-regulatory organization supervised by FINMA (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority), and specialist in legal compliance (Money laundering, Code of Ethics for asset managers) and associated risks. He runs an asset management company based in Switzerland.


Michel Roch

is a Swiss citizen. After a phd in theoretical Chemistry and second one in Computer Science (Geneva and Paris), he has been Head of Development and Senior Consultant for Sun Microsystems in Mountain View/USA. He was one of the first investors of Steve Jobs Company (next Software, Inc). He became an independent consultant in information system, database architecture and reengineering. He has also participated to the start- up of Sun Microsystems in Switzerland and was the founder of two successful Swiss companies in computer science and engineering (Heptago S.A. and Heptacom S.A.).


Dev-team view

Our people have a deep expertise in the field of information technology, data intelligence, encryption, advanced automation and programming.

They have built long-lasting friendships through their valuable and innovative work. Their professional and dynamic way of working together enables them to adopt the Agile-SCRUM methodology. They are all experts in the field of technology and science with strong backgrounds in mathematics, finance and engineering.

We provide our people with a favorable working environment that allows them to share their expertise while acknowledging their own ability to perform. Our approach has actively contributed to the optimization of our labor time ratio and plays a relevant role in our competitiveness.


People matter,
performance counts