Big Data, Big Challenges

Big Data

New regulation requirements and the constant search for improvement in operational efficiencies are changing the way enterprises handle their strategic and operational decisions. The need to optimize internal systems and technological infrastructures has become a global priority for all companies and institutions.

The integration of new technology is, more than ever, a valuable asset for remaining competitive.

In 2010, the world generated over 1 Zettabytes of data; in 2020, we will generate 40 ZB according to IDC analysis. All of this data will create new opportunities to extract more value for finance, governments, mass distribution and many other areas.

Big data phenomenon significantly widens the perspective on high technologies. There is greater demand for a more reliable, more secure and faster information integrated into the business process at different levels.

We recommend all industries already impacted by this phenomenon to take a lead in terms of automotive technology, in order to remain competitive.