golden1Financial & Risk Management Software

Our FinTech solution designed to help financial professionals deliver a high level of service and added value to their customers.

golden1 is a professional financial software that helps decision makers locate relevant information, control risks and improve customer relationship management. This solution is a real asset for any advisors and is a decision support solution..

Decision Support Solution

Designed with smart automation technology, golden1 ensures an easy and timely access to an aggregated or consolidated view of all your portfolio’s assets. Bank data feeds are imported directly into the system, regardless of the source data format (electronic, CSV, PDF or paper).


Risk Management Picto

Risk Management

golden1 can help you control key risks in a proactive manner through a rule engine system. This intelligent solution implements constraints on conformity of administration and generates automatic alerts in case of breach.

You are always well informed about your compliance level and able to take actions when specified risks are identified.

Application Modules

Portfolios module


Portfolios Consolidation and Aggregation

Quickly aggregate or consolidate multi-bank financial portfolios


Accounting system

An evolving tool for account management including a knowledge manager

Accounting Module
Document module


Document Management System

Manage, store and retrieve your documents easily


Confidential Client Management System

Anonymize your client’s information and ensure greater confidentiality

Psudonyms module


Agenda and Contacts

Plan your actions through an agenda for each porfolio