goldenCallPrivate and Secure Calls

Our private and secure mobile solution for individuals and enterprises.

We give great importance to the preservation of your privacy. goldenCall ensures the protection of your private and business conversations through the use of encrypted communication technology.

The use of encrypted phones enables you to communicate freely and in private within a closed user group. goldenCall is an alternative way for you to ensure your personal calls remain private and protected.

Wherever you are, your phone calls from any location are neither traceable nor detectable, fully encrypted and totally anonymous.

private group

How does it work?

Closed user group

goldenCall operates in closed user groups. Each group is managed by a group leader. Member access rights can be configured according to your needs. You are free to decide which contacts in the group are allowed to talk to each other.

The use of pseudonyms offers a further safety garantee. Members of a group are ‘hidden’ from each other and people are not aware of the existence of the other contacts. You may belong to several groups and have different pseudonyms.



There is no direct link between the caller and the callee, making sure that their identities remain confidential. Multiple security levels make any hacking attempt hopeless. Calls are encrypted anytime, anywhere.

Secure servers

Security standards

We care about the privacy of your data; we devised an ultra-secure solution developed and tested inhouse, in Geneva.

goldenCall requires a wireless service to establish a connection with our servers. All our servers are located in a high security data center in Switzerland.

We don’t keep any call records of your communications nor who is calling whom. Your communications are encrypted, even to us.

goldenCall is built on open source software, with SSL / TLS security protocols. These protocols enable encrypted sessions between your browser and our servers.


Keeps the anonymity of places and people called

Preserves the confidentiality of the content of your communications

Brings the benefit of a dedicated and secure server

 The security and privacy of all your contacts are guaranteed

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