goldenFeedAutomated Data Integration Tool

The professional and technology solution provided by goldenTech to serve banks, family offices, independent financial advisors and FinTech

We have developed an innovative concept to automate data collection and processing. Using nextGen technology, we provide our customers with immediate access to their full financial information anytime, anywhere.

We process large amounts of data with minimal human interaction which ensures the delivery of accurate information in a timely and safe manner.

Our automated data processing system is designed to leverage technological efficiencies of FinApps, Portfolio Management systems or accounting software.

By collecting and synthesizing all relevant information from any source (electronic banking flow, CSV, pdf, excel file), we help our customers to gain a competitive advantage through innovative business solutions.


Automated processing of banking flows

We handle more than 80 banking feeds, and integrate them into a wide range of existing financial applications and PMS. goldenFeed is a real asset for any professional seeking greater control over his investments, decision-making and risk management processes.

Customized mapping solution

We are data mapping experts. We provide a customized and powerful solution to ensure the information is perfectly adapted to suit your professional software environment.


goldenFeed digitalizes paper bank feeds reducing the time taken to manually enter data by integrating information as automatically as possible. This process guarantees high data accuracy and timely updates.

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