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goldenTech is a Swiss company specialized in the design, development and distribution of innovative technology products and services. We create and manufacture technologies to enable our customers today and tomorrow address their business challenges faster, further and more safely.



We offer our expertise and know-how in data transfer and integration to help our customers reach their operational objectives in an effective way. We propose custom-tailored or turnkey solutions for punctual interventions, contributing to the success of their businesses.



Database migration

Extraction of digital data (transfer between apps)

Dematerialization and integration of relevant information directly into the customer’s application

Processing of electronic financial feeds or paper

Data security : documents or electronic feeds anonymisation

Data cleansing to extract usable data

Recovery of historical data to be moved into one or more new applications

Automation of uploads, transfer and data migration


We continually update and test our technology to improve the protection of your information and to ensure the effectiveness of our approach.